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Welcome to the new
Writer's Corner ®
where a community
of writers young and
old meet to discuss
writing and share
their work.

In past years, young
writers met with the
author weekly in an
online workshop
from their home or
classroom to hone
their writing skills
by writing fantasy stories.

For security reasons,
adults and kid writers
always met in
separate groups and
writing spaces. Parents
and teachers supervised

For a decade, I
worked remotely
with teachers as a
residence developing
writing projects that
cut across several
modalities of
expression: writing,
art and music.

This multimedia and
multicultural approach
to writing combined
with the vast resources
of the web allows
teachers to effectively
teach writing across
the curriculum.

In the coming years,
the faster connect
speeds, video capabilities
and enhanced social
media tools will enrich
the learning experiences
for students and open up
new creative possibilities
to teachers who integrate
electronic writing spaces
|into the classroom.



Writer's Corner® Publications.


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Ost, John 2016 From Mice to Men . Examines the international use of human subjects in medical research by first focusing on the use of human subjects in radiation experiments in the 1940's and then examining the use of human subjects throughout the 20th century. The book examines how the Cold War, the quest for medical knowledge, and the War on Cancer shifted the boundaries of medical ethics throughout the 20th century. .
Featured Stories

1995, "Promises, Promises," Discovery Channel On-Line , Bethesda, MD, December 15-31. Rebroadcast and update of my October 95 story about the impact of the Bosnian war on Bosnian children. The show aired right after the Dayton peace accord was signed and was selected as a “1995 BEST” Discovery Channel On-Line story. See:


Future Writing Projects

Ost, John 2016 Spinning Stories, Crafting Prose and Writing Poetry on the Internet examines how chat rooms and online writing centers can be transformed into global teaching and writing spaces on the web.


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Corner News Flash

As many of you know, I had undergone open heart surgery and had my aortic heart valve replaced.

Less than three months after the surgery, I returned to work -- albeit part time. At the end of December 2014, it will be nine years since I underwent the surgery. I appreciate the second chance. I am more selective now about my time and how I spend it. I also work harder now to insure that I have used each day as wisely and compassionately as I can.

Shortly after the surgery, we rescued Pepper from a high-kill shelter in Arkansas. Since the day she arrived, Pepper and I have walked between 2 and 3 miles per day each and every day-- no matter how severe the weather in New England. It's great for the heart but even better for reconnecting with your neighbors and community. It is probably safe to say that our neigborhood is now truly Pepper's neighborhood and I am universally known as Pepper's dad (especially by the kids in the neighborhood!)

Having a second chance certainly shapes your perspective on life.

I want to thank Dr. Lawrence Cohn and the fantastic staff at Brigham and Women Hospital Cardiology Unit for all that they have done for me. I strongly urge everyone to consider supporting the ongoing research and care that Brigham and Women Hospital and other cardiac units throughout the country provide to their patients.